FreeZim Challenges US over Zidera

The President of the FreeZim political party Mr Joseph Makamba Busha, has called on the United States government to repeal the draconian ZIDERA for the benefit of Zimbabweans saying the people are suffering.

Addressing journalists at a press conference in the capital Harare, Mr Busha said they had expressed their displeasure in a letter to the US government.

“We have also written a letter to the government, MDC and the U.S Embassy to repeal ZIDERA for the benefit of Zimbabweans, the people are suffering.

“If they do not listen to us we are going to have a peaceful march towards the U.S embassy in protest of ZIDERA,” he said.

Mr Busha had no kind words for government’s decision to build a new parliament building in Mt Hampden, saying the government’s choice of priorities was questionable considering their decision of building a new parliament over health facilities and service delivery.

“We are petitioning government over the construction of a new parliament in Mt. Hampden, how they can prioritise parliament to health facilities,” Mr Busha said.

“They are not concerned about the suffering of people; they have no understanding of the basic concerns of the people, the amount of suffering among the citizens of Zimbabwe.

“The new dispensation is similar to 2008, nothing has changed, we continue with old ways you cannot change by having the Vice President as the President,” Mr Busha said.

He also added that parliamentarians, both ZANU PF and MDC should put their differences aside when contacting parliament business.

“ZANU PF and MDC parliamentarians must put aside their differences for the benefit of the people. They have nothing to offer but only think of themselves, come 2019 we are going to work hard and tirelessly, we have many programs lined up.

Mr Busha reiterated on the issue of accountability and transparency, citing unclear activities and unaccountability at the Central Bank with loans going to individuals and land for, but a few.

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